Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet Eddy...

One of our families best friends is Eddy. Eddy was inspired by one of my good friends, Jen. If you know Jen, she HATES to be cold. We were on a girls trip to St. George a few years ago and Jen had brought along her little corn bag warmer. This was around the big Twilight craze and we named her corn bag Eddy, short for Edward. The name stuck. So for Christmas two years ago, Angela made all of us girls our very own Eddy's.

This is my original Eddy From Angela It used to have fancy letters on it that said "Eddy", but it's seen so much love from me, the letters have come off. My kids started to get in on the action and kept stealing my Eddy away from me. So, this past Christmas, each of the kids got their very own Eddy's from Grandma Jan's fishing pond.

Brighton's EddyMontana's EddyTaylor's Eddy Jayden's Eddy
And if everyone having their own Eddy wasn't enough,
we had to make
"Blanket Eddy!"
We have enjoyed having Eddy in our home so much, that we are spreading the warmth by giving Eddy's as gifts for Christmas and birthdays. We personalize each one with favorite quotes, names, colors, etc.

Order yours today!
Kids Eddy without name $5.00
Kids Eddy with name $6.50
Adult Eddy without name $8.00
Adult Eddy with name $9.50
Blanket Eddy without embellishment $15.00
Blanket Eddy with embellishment $16.00

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