Monday, November 30, 2009

New Products!

I'm back..................FINALLY!

I've been working on some new products that I've been dying to show you!

Whimsey Calendar $50 The Whimsey Calendar is a fun way to keep track of your daily activities. I've taken two different fabrics and pieced them together to make the different "days" of the month. The days of the week are displayed at the top in vinyl lettering. All of this is behind glass and put in a 16x20 frame. You can now use a dry erase marker and write the days of the month and your schedule. New month? Simply wipe off the glass and start over! Here is a closer look:
This is the Whimsey Calendar that's in my kids playroom:
(Hint: When choosing your fabrics, pick something a little lighter so you can see your writing better.)
Car Seat Cover $30
Is this not ADORABLE! This is a great way to keep away the breeze and cold air from your little one and keep them all snuggly warm in their carseat. The underside of the blanket is made from super cozy fabric while the top of the blanket shows a super fun print. The blanket attaches underneath the handle so it's still easy to hold and easy to lift up and over to check on your little one. It attaches with some ribbon with a fun embelishment to match. Here's a closer look of some that I've made: Super Soft Shoes $12Just because your baby can't walk doesn't mean their feet shouldn't have some style! These booties have adorable fabric on the outside with super soft felt on the inside. They are all made with matching ribbon. Some tie in a bow and some velcro.

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